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He was born with a small hole in his chest. He was generally regarded as a freak as a result. It didn't bother him. People only saw it in the shower in gym class.

Like he cared what a bunch of sweaty teenage boys thought of him. If you weren't warm and soft and female, he didn't want to know you.

One day, the hole was a little larger.

"That's peculiar", he thought, "I wonder why that is?"

He thought nothing of it until the next Monday, when it was larger still. He could nearly fit his entire fist in there now. "Shit", he thought, "this is serious."

So he tried to fill the hole. He put pounds of weed into it. Thousands of hits of acid. Forty ounces, cakes, candy, books, music. He even put a mother and child in there.

Nothing helped.

In fact, it made it worse.

So, one day, when the hole was big enough, he crawled into himself and disappeared.
Tags: el duce, emptiness, hole, kurdt cobain, longing, nirvana, the mentors
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