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So I'm a big author, now ; )

Mason Parker is back to being Paige Burner. I published a novella and three novels, so far. I have another novella I'm trying to get online for Christmas, Zombie Killa, a nerdcore hip-hop zombie story that I hope to see made into a film by Troma films. It uses the NCHH kids as characters, and they'll play themselves in the film. Dan, the director/producer of 'Nerdcore for Life' is set to direct. Because we all work for nothing or next to nothing.

Perfect Me - Funny Sci-Fi (Hitchhiker's Guide universe)
Pageburner - Detective thriller
Radar Love - Prison Romance. First in the Ultimate Hustle series.
Hurricane Regina - Adventure sci-fi


Dean and Soapy are mentioned in Zombie Killa. ; )

I'm looking for Amazon reviews, so hit me up if you want a review copy of anything...

collabs.and.covers @ gmail.com
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